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Mixing Console

Stramp MPS 24 Inputs with built-in passive/inductive EQs and optical compressors. 

16-18 channels with direct outs



Adam Audio P11 monitors with subwoofer M8
Yamaha NS-10M Studio



Pro Tools 2021 and MAC OS X 10.14
2,6Ghz - 16GB 1600Mhz DDR3 RAM 

Conversion by Lynx Aurora 16 I/O
Slaved UA Apollo 8 for additional 8 I/O for a total of 16 I/O 

Apollo x6



Telefunken Magnetophon 15 2 tracks 1/4 inch



Universal Audio LA-610

Universal Audio LA-610 Channel Strip
Neumann V476 B x2
Telefunken V672 x2
GA Project Pre 73 x2
FMR Audio Really Nice Preamp
Apollo Built-in Preamps with UAD Neve 1073 


Dynamics & EQs

Girardin LC 101
FMR Audio Really Nice Compressor
Stramp Optocompressor x4
Urei 527 x2 

Klark Teknik DN500, 2 Channel Compressor, Expander, Limiter

Klark Teknik DN514 4-Channel Quad Auto Noise Gate DN-514 Vintage




Dynacord VRS-23 Analog Stereo Delay, Reverb, Echo

Dynacord   DRS-78 Analog Stereo Delay, Reverb, Echo

Dynacord SRS-56 Analog Stereo Delay, Reverb, Echo

Dynacord Echocord Super Tube Tape Delay / Preamp
Dynacord DRP20 Digital Reverb
Dynacord DRP16 Digital Reverb 

Watkins Copicat Analog Tape Delay
Ibanez Multimode Analog Delay AD202 

OTO Bim Delay

OTO Boum - One Knob Compressor




Klangbild has an impressive range of vintage microphones. We think they are the most important link in the recording process and we are proud to own several pristine examples.


Large and Small Diaphragm


Neumann CMV563 with M7 Kapsel

Neumann Gefell CMV560 with M7 capsule
Neumann Gefell PM750
Neumann Gefell 692M93
Neumann Gefell UM70 x2
Neumann TLM 103
Neumann KM184 x2
AKG C1000s
FML DL 622 x2
Oktava MK012 x4 


Ribbon Dynamic

Coles 4038 matched pair

Melodium 42B
Beyerdynanic M160
TBone RB500

Sontronics APOLLO 2 Stereo Ribbon Microphone ( Blumlein )


Moving Coil Dynamic

Beyerdynamics M201 Pair.

Beyerdynamic M69N 2x
Sennheiser MD441 U
Sennheiser MD421 x2
Electrovoice RE27 

Earthworks TC 30 Pair
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57 x2
Shure SM58 

Shure Beta 91 A





Blüthner Grand Piano

Karl Hintze Upright Piano

Fender Rhodes Mark 2

Philips Philicordia Analog Vintage Organ Tubes




Analog Synth

Sequential Circuits Six-Trak

Korg Odyssee


Korg Poly Six

Moog Grandmother




Leedy Drumkit

Ludwig Drumkit

Ludwig Black Beauty ( Snare Drum )




Vox AC 30

Fender Deluxe x2 


The Vase 40 Trendsetter + cab


The Vase 40 Trendsetter was a very popular. They were hand assembled and wired with an eyelet board the same as all Vase valve amps.

Pair of 6L6 output valves and 12AX7’s in the preamp and phase splitter. The normal loudspeaker configuration was 2 x 12” loudspeakers in a quad sized cab.


Gallien Krüger 

Fender Rumble 350 Basscombo



Dynacord 4 x10 inch Speaker

Ampeg SVT-410 HLF




And of course a bunch of plug-ins from UA, Slate Digital and others….



Our custom made plate reverb is one of the pride of Klangbild and an integral part of the sound at our studios. The plate adds complex, deep reverberations, especially nice on vocals and drums. The damping system allow a minimum decay time of 0.5 seconds. Maximum time is 6.5 seconds.











At Klangbild, vintage effects, rare amplifiers, various guitars and other instruments are at your disposal. Whether you desire the clarity and immediacy of digital or the lush quality of tape, Klangbild has it covered. 

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