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Klangbild Studios provides exquisite sound recording and production for artists of talent if not of distinction.

Founded by Martin J. Fiedler, the studio has gained recognition with the release of Josh T. Pearson's Last of the Country Gentlemen, the sound of which was praised by famed engineer Gareth Jones. Klangbild is a modern studio with an analog heart centred around our Stramp desk, one of the few working examples in existence. 

About the Stramp console - The heart and soul of Klangbild

Peter Strüven was a legend in his own time. Working out of a converted barn outside Hamburg, he created music electronics with military spec parts and rare attention to detail. John Entwhistle of "The Who" was a religious customer of Herr Dr. Strüven. We are proud to own this beautiful example and keep it in top condition. Several modifications have (whilst keeping intact the amazing tone of the vintage unit) vastly improved its transient handling and noise specifications. Not the least of these is the addition of a laboratory quality power supply and a separately earthed phantom power system. Also the inclusion of balanced direct outs and inserts on every channel. The built in optical compressors have been entirely refurbished and are now patchable to any channel. Each channel comes with passive/inductive EQ section. Such filters impart the tone made famous by the classic Pultec design, yet with more bands to play with for supreme accuracy with zero added noise even at high boost settings.

To provide more flexibility, a second Stramp console has been just refurbished.


Martin J. Fiedler is a music producer and sound engineer with many years of experience. He mainly works on his own compositions!

He also has worked on various projects as a producer, engineer, and mixer, including the album "Last of the Country Gentlemen" by Josh T. Pearson, and the band Crime & the City Solution. Last Album - the killer - release 10 / 2023.

Regarding his work with Josh T. Pearson, Fiedler played a significant role in the sound picture of the album "Last of the Country Gentlemen", which features Pearson's voice and acoustic guitar. Fiedler worked closely with Pearson to capture a raw, intimate sound that highlights the emotion and honesty of the songs. Fiedler's experience in mixing and recording acoustic instruments helped to create a warm and natural sound picture for the album.

In addition to his work with Pearson, Fiedler has also worked with other notable artists such as Crime & the City Solution, and is currently involved in recording and producing projects with Joshua Murphy. With his extensive experience in music writing, composing, recording, mixing, and sound design, Fiedler is a highly respected figure in the world of music production.

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